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XINFOO company was founded in 2015, is the top leading company for Photoelectron Imaging, we can supply the full solution for “collecting, processing and displaying”. As the national high-tech enterprise, we have more than 400 core intellectual properties.


The founding team of “XINFOO” is from the top ranking and experienced chips companies from Silicon Valley USA and Europe. Our teams are professional and experienced on prospective cognition, R&D, technique development, system architecture for the high-end chips and products in mass production.


We can serve to the clients for ICT, IOT, MR, Senior care, Health care, Energy saving, Consumer electronics, Automotive electronics, Government with the characteristic “XINFOO” chips. The development cycle can be shortened and the new products can be iterated frequently with the customized design scheme.


The two of leading IDM bases for R&D and production are were established by XINFOO, with the capability to produce hundreds of thousands of 8” and 12” silicon wafers.